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Thursday April 28
The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis MN

The Sound Horizon 2016 series Exploring the interstitial spaces between live sound and visual art, the in-gallery music series Sound Horizon returns ... Intended for both close listening and moments of happenstance for gallery-goers, this free, aurally eclectic series features multiple short sets throughout the evening by each artist.

Solo voice, violin, electronics Performances at 6, 7, and 8 PM


An accompanying interview with Marvin Lin of Tiny Mix Tapes is here: http://blogs.walkerart.org/performingarts/2016/04/22/alternate-senses-of-tone-and-pulse-an-interview-with-c-spencer-yeh/


Saturday April 30, 7 PM

no//thing but noise is presented as part of a festival of final projects curated by the inaugural class of SVA MA Curatorial Practice.

Venue to be disclosed the day of the event. To receive the location, please contact: Maya Castro Gutierrez at mayacastrogutierrez@gmail.com with no//thing but noise in the subject.

Curator: Maya Castro Gutierrez

Artists: Ian Hatcher, C. Spencer Yeh, Blanko + Noiry, Copán

no//thing but noise will be a live performance event that explores the idea of noise through four different arts, specifically looking at poetry, sound art, performance and music as avenues in which noise is present, given the varied mediums used by each artist. Technology, the voice and its possibilities of abstraction, and performance, both through transmission and collaboration, will be key ways in which noise is found in the show. In conjunction with the live event, a vinyl record will be made with tracks from each artist, giving a new form to the live physical aspect. http://macp.sva.edu/events



Sunday May 1, 7 PM
Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Akio Suzuki's pa chin ko exhibition, curated by Aki Onda

Dawn Kasper & Aki Onda
Meg Clixby & C. Spencer Yeh

Performances in response to Suzuki's works



Tuesday May 10, 8 PM
The Stone NYC Improv Benefit Night w/ Okkyung Lee, John Zorn, C. Spencer Yeh, and other guests

This is the night that helps pay for our upkeep so come on down and help The Stone stay afloat! $20



Thursday May 12, 8 PM
The Stone NYC

Okkyung Lee & C. Spencer Yeh

As part of Okkyung's weeklong residency at the Stone (5/10 - 5/15) $15



Saturday May 14, 2 - 3:50 PM
The Kitchen NYC
Ed Atkins' Performance Capture

Durational solo performance along/inside of Atkins' video work.

Under the equivocal rubric "Performance Capture," Ed Atkins will present an expansive new work explicitly concerned with how contemporary technologies of representation mediate our lives – to say nothing of our own willingness to be captured and rendered. Corralling live bodies, animated surrogates, and departed performances, the gallery will act as both screening room and venue for performances and public programs. By ceding control to other authors in order to create multiple iterations of one work, the exhibition will ultimately act, according to Atkins, as "a document whose data is yet to be uncovered, let alone indexed."

Curated by Tim Griffin and Lumi Tan as part of “From Minimalism into Algorithm." Free



Thursday May 19, 8 PM
Magic Lantern Cinema, Providence RI
at Cable Car Cinema & Cafe

"Eclipse" is screening in the program FROM MOUTH TO HAND, curated by Seth Watter

"What is the mouth? It is that which ingests, drawing external objects into the body’s interior. And because it initiates this process of metabolism, transforming edible matter and finally extruding it as waste, the mouth looms large in our unconscious life as primordial dungeon or, worse yet, as gateway to Gehenna..."



Two presentations at Spectacle Theater that I've been involved in developing –

Tuesday April 26
KURUTTA IPPEIJI with live accompaniment by Aaron Moore
Performances at 8 and 10 PM

Aaron Moore (of Volcano The Bear) live scores an edit of the Japanese silent film classic


Thursday May 5
Screenings at 7:30 and 10 PM; special live score by Meridians & Eric Bayless-Hall at 9 PM only

New works by multidisciplinary artists from Eugene Lang College at The New School as part of an experimental seminar I co-taught with Dr. Julie Beth Napolin (who will also be performing as Meridians).

The live score is accompanied by a sketch RED DESERT (SD PAN & SCAN EDIT), approx 15 min.


The April issue of ART IN AMERICA contains an "In the Studio" feature (print only) by Ross Simonini, with flattering portrait of Pinhead mask by Boru O'Brien O'Connell



The Columbia University Sound Arts MFA students I've been mentoring this past year have their thesis and first-year shows up, at Central Booking in NYC (til May 2), a silo in Middleburgh NY (May 7 only), and Basilica Hudson in Hudson NY (til May 7).

All details here! http://music.columbia.edu/sound_arts_mfa_shows


Thanks !!