UPDATED 3/26/11
NOTE: PO BOX listed in the "Brighter Summer Day" LP is NO LONGER ACTIVE!!


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Contact: dronedisco (aaattt) gmail (dooottt) com

Burning Star Core "Papercuts Theater" 2LP/CD on No Quarter
Burning Star Core "Challenger" CD on Hospital Productions, LP on Plastic Records, Digital on iTunes, Emusic, Boomkat, etc.
(excerpt of "Beauty Hunter" track w/ video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TqfD6nB6hw)
Burning Star Core "Inside The Shadow" CD on Hospital Productions
Burning Star Core "Operator Dead... Post Abandoned" CD on No Quarter
Burning Star Core "Amelia" 10" on NO-FI (as part of the Mes Soldats Stupides 10" reissue series) Burning Star Core "WSBC/SSS" 10" on NO-FI (as part of the Mes Soldats Stupides 10" reissue series)
Burning Star Core "A Brighter Summer Day " LP on Thinwrist
Burning Star Core "The Very Heart of the World" LP/CD on Thinwrist (LP out of print)
Burning Star Core "Live From New York" 2xC30 on Dronedisco
Hototogisu + Burning Star Core LP on Yik Yak
Hototogisu+Burning Star Core collaboration "Volume One" CD on Dronedisco

Jon Wesseltoft + C. Spencer Yeh "Northern Resonance III/II" LP on 8mm
Tony Conrad + C. Spencer Yeh + Michael Duch "Musculus Trapezius" CD on Pica Disk
C.S. Yeh "In the Blink of an Eye" 7" on DeStijl
John Wiese + C. Spencer Yeh "Cincinnati" CD on Dronedisco
John Wiese + C. Spencer Yeh "The Void" 2xC10 on Dronedisco
C. Spencer Yeh & Paul Flaherty (w/ Greg Kelley) "New York Nuts & Boston Beans" CD on Important
C. Spencer Yeh "The Strangler" CD-R on Chocolate Monk
C. Spencer Yeh / Sick Llama split 7" on Arbor
C. Spencer Yeh + Lasse Marhaug collab 7" on Arbor
Justin Lieberman + C. Spencer Yeh "Object Lessons" LP on WHAT THE...?
Aaron Dilloway + C.S. Yeh "The Squid" CD on Hanson (LP out of print)
Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano/C. Spencer Yeh "A Rock In the Snow" CD & "Slow Blind Avalanche" LP on Important
White Out + Yeh + Giffoni "Live at No Fun" LP on No Fun Productions
Various Artists "Molten Strings, Train Wrecks, and Birdsong" stringmusic comp CD on Students of Decay - C. Spencer Yeh "Solo Violin 11" track
Various Artists "Darfur Benefit Comp Vol. 1" LP/CD on Tiny Mix Tapes
Sissy Spacek "French Record" CD on Dual Plover (LP forthcoming)
Sunroof! "Spitting Gold Zebras" CD on Bottrop Boy (CSY guest on one track)
The Golden Road "Ringside Seat/Nosebleed Tone" CD-R on Children of Microtones (CSY guest on one track)
Times New Viking "Rip It Off" CD/LP on Matador (CSY guest on one track)
Wiese + Yeh "New York/Atlanta" CD on Helicopter
New Humans "AKA Vito Acconci / New Humans / C. Spencer Yeh" CD on Semishigure
Various Artists "Zelphabet Volume C" CD on Zelphabet
Ryan Jewell/C. Spencer Yeh/Wasteland Jazz Unit "Ohio Ghastly Soil" CD-R on Dreamsheep
Storm of Corpses "Bite Your Tongue" CD-R on Bug Incision
C. Spencer Yeh/Jon Lorenz/Ryan Jewell 7" on Krayon Recordings

More Burning Star Core reissue 10"s on NO-FI
Burning Star Core "Statue of Trust" & "TBD" 7"s on Hospital Productions



Friday, December 31st - First Night, Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA
Intransitive Recordings presents Xela, CSY, Oxtirn, Benjamin Nelson

Thursday, January 6th - Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY
CSY + Brian Osborne Duo, Christian Pincock, Grasshopper, Chuck Bettis + Evan Rapport

Thursday, January 13th - The Stone, NYC NY
10 PM set w/ Nate Wooley + Ben Hall + CSY trio

Saturday, January 15th - White Flag Projects, St. Louis MO
"Time Wounds All Heels" opening, CSY performance

Friday, January 21st - Mirkwood, Baltimore MD
w/ CSY, Carver Audain, Andy Hayleck, Jenny Graf

Saturday, January 22nd - The Bank, Baltimore MD
w/ CSY, Carver Audain, Tetsuo Rebirth, Whiff, Lorraine Gesserit, NArwhAlz

Wed Feb 16 - Art on Air @ Clocktower Gallery, NYC - "Moral Combat" w/ G. Lucas Crane + CSY Duo, 6 PM

Sun Feb 20 - Spectacle, Brooklyn NY - ((audience)) presents CSY live mix soundtrack to "The Avenging Conscience" (DW Griffith)

Thurs Feb 24 - Cake Shop, NYC - CSY, Idiot Glee, La Big Vic, Three Legged Race

Fri Feb 25 - CANADA, NYC - CSY/Robert Beatty Duo + Takeshi Murata/Devin Flynn live video mix

Sat Mar 5 - Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA - Ars Nova presents: Nate Wooley/Paul Lytton/Ben Hall/CSY Quartet

Sun Mar 6 - Highwire Gallery - Philadelphia PA, Rafael Toral, Carver Audain, Andy Hayleck, Stephan Moore, CSY - solos, duos, trios, quintets

Fri Mar 11 - Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY - Nate Wooley's "The Seven Storey Mountain" w/ Paul Lytton, Chris Corsano, David Grubbs, Chris Dingman, Matt Moran

Sat Mar 12 - Roulette, NYC - Nate Wooley/Paul Lytton/Okkyung Lee/CSY Quartet, w/ Phat Chance, Jim Pugliese & Christine Bard

Sun Mar 13 - Zebulon, Brooklyn NY - David Grubbs/Andrea Belfi, CSY, Attila Faravelli

Wed Mar 16 - The Stone, NYC - Carlos Giffoni/CSY Duo, 10 PM

Sun Mar 20 - el nico Aural festival, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City - CSY, Mattin, Juanjose Rivas
more info: http://aural.elnicho.org/

Tues Mar 22 - Union Pool, Brooklyn NY - Wally Shoup/Ben Hall/CSY Trio, Goblin War Trio, Ceci Moss + C Lavender

Wed Mar 23 - Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia PA - Ars Nova presents: Shoup/Hall/Yeh Trio

Thurs Mar 24 - The Stone, NYC - Shoup/Hall/Yeh Trio, 8 PM

Fri Mar 25 - Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY - Ignaz Schick/Aaron Moore/CSY Trio, Bob Bellerue, Barry Weisblat/Marcia Bassett, Goblin War Double Quartet

dj sniff/CSY duo UK tour (+1 Amsterdam)

Monday, 3/28 London
Institute for the Converging Arts & Sciences (ICAS), University of Greenwich 

Tuesday, 3/29 London
afternoon - Resonance FM performance

Tuesday, 3/29 London
dj sniff / C. Spencer Yeh duo with John Richards (electronics) and Mark Sanders (drums)
Cafe Oto 

Wednesday, 3/30 Leicester
Pace building Studio 1 - De Montfort University 

Thursday, 3/31 Edinburgh
Inspace Gallery 

Friday, 4/1 Newcastle

Saturday, 4/2 Amsterdam
STEIM & DNK presents dj sniff / C. Spencer Yeh duo
Release party for dj sniff "EP" on psi records

April 7 - Feeding Tube Records, Northampton MA
Michael Morley/C. Spencer Yeh/Meg Clixby, Dredd Foole/Chris Corsano
& Dylan Nyoukis/Angela Sawyer/Id M Theft Able, Matt Krefting

April 9 - Unsound Festival @ Littlefield, Brooklyn NY - Instant Coffee, COH, Marcus Schmickler, Robert Piotrowicz/CSY Duo, Carlos Giffoni, 5 PM
more info: http://www.unsound.pl/en

May 6 - Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Paul Flaherty/Weasel Walter/Steve Swell/C. Spencer Yeh Quartet



Saturday, January 9th - Ptarmigan, Helsinki Finland
C. Spencer Yeh, Tomutonttu, Shogun Kunitoki, Les Manures
info: http://www.ptarmigan.fi

Tuesday, January 12th - Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen Norway
CSY solo set
info: http://kunsthall.no

Wednesday, January 13th - Dokkhuset, Trondheim Norway
CSY solo set w/ Stian Westerhus/Zach Hill, Lucio Capece/Werner Dafeldecker
info: http://www.dokkhuset.no/konsert.asp?KonsertID=624

Thursday, January 14th - NyMusikk Oslo, Oslo Norway
CSY solo set, noon, free
info: http://www.nymusikk.no/?p=542

Saturday, January 16th - All Ears Festival, Oslo Norway
Okkyung Lee/C. Spencer Yeh duo, w/ Anla Courtis, Paul Lytton / Johannes Bauer / Jon Rune Strøm, more
info: http://www.all-ears.no/2010/2010.html

Thursday, February 18th - Seattle Improvised Music Festival
Wally Shoup/Chris Corsano/Bill Horist/C. Spencer Yeh Quartet

Fri. Feb 19th - The Wail, Portland OR, 8 PM
Wally Shoup/Chris Corsano/Bill Horist/C. Spencer Yeh Quartet

Saturday, April 17th - DJ set and vocal performance for Triple Canopy issue 8 release party
177 Livingston, Brooklyn NY

Sunday, April 25th - WBAR-BQ, Barnard College NYC
Cold Cave, Blues Control, Burning Star Core, Liturgy, Jana Hunter, others

Thursday, April 29th - The New Museum, NYC
Stop/Action: Martha Colburn with Thollem McDonas, Ryan Sawyer + C. Spencer Yeh, Lumberob, and Tsigoti

Saturday, May 15th - Port D'Or, Brooklyn NY
Tiger Hatchery, Lechuguillas, Spencer Yeh, Tetsuo Rebirth, DJ Road Chief (Emeralds)

Sunday, May 16th - Coco66, Brooklyn NY
Silver Apples, Burning Star Core, Love Like DeLoreans

Friday, May 21st - Sonic Celluloid, Northwestern University
Fat Worm of Error, C. Spencer Yeh, Illusion of Safety, Fielded

Saturday, May 22nd - Enemy, Chicago IL
C. Spencer Yeh, Anthony DeCanini, Carl Calm

Saturday, May 29th - Union Pool, Brooklyn NY
Nancy Garcia Band, The Notekillers, Daniel Carter/Ryan Sawyer/CSY Trio

Friday June 4 Nico Vascellari exhibition opening, with performance by Vascellari accompanied byC.Spencer Yeh and Aaron Dilloway
Museion, Bolzano Italy

Saturday June 5 @ Hundebiss, Milano, 10 PM
w/ Aaron Dilloway, CSY, WW

Sunday June 6 @ Codalunga, Vittorio Veneto
w/ Aaron Dilloway, CSY
info: http://www.codalunga.org

Saturday, June 12th - No Fun Fest Montreal, La Sala Rossa, QC
Hair Police, No Fun Acid, Oneohtrix Point Never, Burning Star Core, Noveller, Le Révélateur

Thursday, June 17th - Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn NY
Turmeric, Jane Carver, CSY

Monday, June 21st - Matchless, Brooklyn NY
Daniel Carter/Ryan Sawyer/CSY Trio, more info TBA

Tuesday, June 29th - Art of This, Minneapolis MN, 9 PM
CSY, Naomi Joy, Justin Myers

Family Battle Snake//Burning Star Core
Fri July 16th - Philadelphia Sound Forum at Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA w/ US Girls
Sat July 17th - Bard College w/ TBA
Sun July 18th - Flywheel, Easthampton MA w/ Horse Bladder, TBA
Mon July 19th - The Monkey House, Winooski VT w/ Nonhorse, Tooth Ache, Lawrence Welks And Our Bear To Cross, Ryan Power, Harmonizer, A Snake In The Garden
*Thurs July 22nd - 177 Livingston, Brooklyn NY, Kouligas+Yeh Duo play to films of Franz Zwartjes, Purple Haze, more tba
*Sat July 24th - Glasslands, Brooklyn NY - *Family Battle Snake only, w/ Bill Orcutt, Thurston Moore
Sun July 25th - Whartscape, Baltimore MD w/ info TBA

Saturday, August 21st - Neon Marshmallow Fest, Chicago IL
Burning Star Core, Carter/Clixby/Yeh, more
info: http://neonmarshmallowfest.com/

Saturday, August 28th - Knitting Factory, Brooklyn NY
White Out w/ Thurston Moore, Carlos Giffoni + CSY, Fat Worm of Error

Wednesday, September 1st - Zebulon, Brooklyn NY
Talibam!, Nate Wooley/Ryan Sawyer/CSY Trio

BURNING STAR CORE something or other tour

Tuesday, Sept 7th - Shea Stadium, Brooklyn NY
w/ Devin, Gary & Ross, others TBD

Wednesday, Sept 8th - house show, Arlington VA, w/ The Plums

Thursday, Sept 9th - Hopscotch Festival, Chapel Hill NC
Burning Star Core w/ Locrian, Cloudland Canyon, Ocean
info: http://hopscotchmusicfest.com/

Friday, Sept 10th - Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati OH
Wolf Eyes, Burning Star Core, Ohr Streicheln

Saturday, Sept 11th - Boomslang Festival at Downtown Arts Center, Lexington KY
Burning Star Core, others TBA

Monday, September 20th - Middle East, Boston MA
Fennesz, Burning Star Core, Noveller

Thursday, September 30th - Santos Party House
Memory Burn presents:
Expo 70, Burning Star Core, La Otracina, Ancient Ocean, Future Hunter

Okkyung Lee/C. Spencer Yeh Duo in Europe

Thursday, Oct 14th - Instants Chavires, Paris France w/ Nonhorse, Sophie Agnel
Friday, Oct 15th - Gunther, Antwerp Belgium w/ Okkyung Lee (solo), C. Spencer Yeh videoworks (no duo)
Oudaan 15 (Ruimte 33)
Saturday, Oct 16th - Scheld’apen, Antwerp Belgium w/ El-G, TG
Sunday, Oct 17th - ALL EARS / HET ALLERKLEINSTE GELUID at Wolfart Projectspaces, Rotterdam NL w/ Lasse Passage, Philco Fiction
Monday, Oct 18th - DNK, Amsterdam NL
Tues, Oct 19th - Plattform Nicht at Atelier Dürrenfeld/Geitel, Körnerstrasse 71, Hofgebäude, Cologne DE w/ Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Okkyung Lee, Paul Lytton, Nate Wooley, CSY (no duo)
Thurs, Oct 21st - Aufabwegen presents Sonic Objects #7 at Kulturbunker Muelheim, Cologne DE, w/ Z’EV vs. Harry Partch
Saturday, Oct 23rd - Densites Festival, Fresnes en Woëvre France, w/ Okkyung Lee/CSY/Sean Baxter Trio, GERM Studies, Irena Tomazin, Monoide, Ultralyd, Elaine Radigue/Lionel Marchetti, Christophe Marchand-Kiss

Wednesday, Oct 27th - Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY
Nate Wooley/Ryan Sawyer/CSY Trio

Thursday, Oct 28th - Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Josh Abrams, Brian Chase/CSY Duo, Greg Kelley/Vic Rawlings/Ryan Jewell Trio

Friday, Oct 29th - Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Tony Conrad, CSY - more info TBA

Friday, Nov 12th - Vital Vox Festival @ Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
w/ Joan LaBarbara, CSY, Samita Sinha, Corey Dargel
more info: http://www.vitalvoxfest.com/

Saturday, Nov 27th - Send + Receive Festival, Winnipeg Canada
w/ Anju Singh, Erin Sexton

Friday, December 3rd - Monster Island, Brooklyn NY
Intelligent Design pt. I w/ CSY, Dustin Wong, DJ Dog Dick, The Gamut

Sunday, December 19th - Zebulon, Brooklyn NY
Ryan Sawyer+Nate Wooley+C. Spencer Yeh+Susan Alcorn, Pure Horsehair, Eubanks/Lafkas/Capp

Friday, December 31st - First Night, Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA
Intransitive Recordings presents Xela, CSY, Oxtirn, Benjamin Nelson

Thursday, January 6th - Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY
CSY + Brian Osborne Duo, Christian Pincock, Grasshopper, Chuck Bettis + Evan Rapport

Thursday, January 13th - The Stone, NYC NY
10 PM set w/ Nate Wooley + Ben Hall + CSY trio

Saturday, January 15th - White Flag Projects, St. Louis MO
"Time Wounds All Heels" opening, CSY performance, info TBD

Friday, January 21st - Mirkwood, Baltimore MD
w/ CSY, Carver Audain, others TBD

Saturday, January 22nd - The Bank, Baltimore MD
w/ CSY, Carver Audain, Tetsuo Rebirth, others TBD



Collaboration w/ Comets on Fire LP and CD-R (different jams on both) out on YikYak
Burning Star Core "Lets Play Wild Like Wildcats Do" CD on Hospital Productions / RRRecords
Burning Star Core "Mes Soldats Stupides" 2xCD on Cenotaph
Dirty Dynomite Gang (J. Olson, J. Rylan, C.S. Yeh) one-sided LP on American Tapes
Burning Star Core "Voice & Electronics Live" CD-R on Dronedisco
Burning Star Core "Ten Vocal Loops" C30 on Epicene
Burning Star Core "Sword Swallower's Opera " C20 on Hospital Productions
C. S. Yeh "Solo Violin 1 - 4" and "Solo Violin 5 - 8" 2xC10 sets on Dronedisco
Rylan/Yeh 2xC30 on Dronedisco
Nolan/Yeh 2xC30 on Dronedisco
Olson/Yeh "Live" 1-sided LP on Rococo Records
Burning Star Core "Two in the KY & One in the OH" 2xC30 on Dronedisco
Burning Star Core "West Coast Spring 2004" LP on WHAT THE..?
Burning Star Core "See You In 2004 (live)" CD-R on U-Sound Archives
Burning Star Core "Sold Alive" C12 on Tone Filth
C.S. Yeh "Nothin But A Heartache" LP on Gods of Tundra
C. S. Yeh "Violin & Voice Live " 3"CD-R on P-Tapes
Burning Star Core "Sun Starved Skyscrapers" C20 on Since 1972
Burning Graveyard Lights "s/t" CD-R on Gods of Tundra
Burning Star Core "Three Sisters Who Share An Eye " LP on No Fun Productions
Burning Star Core "Everyday World of Bodies" LP on Ultra Eczema
Burning Star Core & Lambsbread "Live in St. Louis" CD-R on Maim & Disfigure
Lambsbread + C.S.Yeh "Oral Stallion" 3" CD-R on Maim & Disfigure
Graveyards "Awake In A Coma " CD-R on Maim & Disfigure (Olson/Hall/Yeh)
Graveyards "Blues For The Night People" 2xLP on Troubleman Unlimited (CSY on some sides)
Various Artists "A Thousand Colors Blaze" 6xC60 (BxC has one side) on Gods of Tundra
V/A BTHO CS on Ecstatic Peace (CSY as member of Sissy Spacek)
Mirag "Witch Queen Ascending" CD-R (guest on one track)
Aaron Dilloway + C.S. Yeh "False Speech" CS on Hanson
Burning Star Core "Blood Lightning 2007 " CD on No Fun Productions
Yellow Swans + Burning Star Core collaboration LP on Blossoming Noise
Burning Star Core + Prurient "Ghosts of Niagara" 10xC10 on Hospital Productions
Wiese + Yeh "Live In Nottingham" LP on WHAT THE..? Records
Burning Star Core "Body Blues" 7" on Hospital Productions
C. Spencer Yeh/Jon Lorenz/Ryan Jewell "Live at CAC 7.21.08" 2xC10 on Dronedisco
The New Monuments "Live" 8xCD-R on American Tapes
C. S. Yeh "Solo Violin 1 - 10" LP on Tone Filth
C. Spencer Yeh "Memories of Murder/Always Been A Storm" C60 on Dronedisco

Wiese + Yeh "Tiny Red Tables" b/w "Big American Hole" 7" on Helicopter������

PAST LIVE DATES (since mid-2005 click here)

Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano/C. Spencer Yeh Trio
Dec 8 - 10th - Thurston Moore/ATP "Nightmare Before XMas" festival
Dec 11th - London School of Economics, Shaw Library in London, England. Old Building, 6th floor. Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE. 3pm
Dec 12th - Les Halles des Tanneurs in Brussels, Belgium. Rue de Tanneurs. With Sonic Youth.
Dec 13th - Scheldapen in Antwerp, Belgium. D'Herbouvillekaai 36.
Dec 14th - Worm in Rotterdam, Holland. Achterhaven 148.
Dec 15th - Dream/Aktion Unit (Thurston Moore + Matt Heyner + Flaherty + Corsano + Yeh) at State-X New Forms Festival, The Hague, Netherlands
Dec 16th - Netwerk in Aalst, Belgium. Houtkaai z/n B-9300. T. +32(0)53 70 97 73. 8:30pm. With Comasport, Chalfont, Erneesto Gonzales aka Bear Bones Lay Low, Lowdjo.
(thanks to Chris for typin a bunch of this up already)

Emeralds/Lambsbread/Graveyards (+C.S.Yeh as guest member) "Youth Crew HxC" Tour
Fryday Dec 29th at the Diamond Shiners AKA Tusco Terror Hut = 9pm
267 South Portage Path
Akron, Oh 44302
also = Lerlie Heffer, Tusco Terror, Skin Graft, Bee Mask

Saturday Dec 30th Lambs Nest/ AKA Midwest Party Temple = whenever man
3645 Bunty Station
Delaware Oh
With Psychedelic Horseshit, Noumena, LWA, others

Sunday Dec 31st Raven Matts AKA Squirrelman Villa = come early/party all fucking NIGHTA
304 Jarvis
Ypsi, MI
with fucking THAMES!!!, LWA (iowa crew), Sick Llama, Raven Strain, Keffer, others

Jan 27th Sat - LAMPO, Chicago IL, CS Yeh solo performance, Renaissance Society, Univ of Chicago

Feb 4th Sun - Skull Lab, Cincinnati OH, Rhys Chatham Guitar All-Stars (w/ CS Yeh, Roesing Ape, Jon Lorenz), Times New Viking, Karthik Karkarala Ensemble

Jan 27th Sat - LAMPO, Chicago IL, CS Yeh solo performance, Renaissance Society, Univ of Chicago

Feb 4th Sun - Skull Lab, Cincinnati OH, Rhys Chatham Guitar All-Stars (w/ CS Yeh, Roesing Ape, Jon Lorenz), Times New Viking, Karthik Karkarala Ensemble

Feb 23rd Fri - The Gargoyle, St. Louis MO (basement of Mallinckrodt Center @ Washington Univ) - Dave Stone, C. Spencer Yeh, The Socket (Rich O'Donnell+Mike Murphy+Jim Hegarty)

Feb 24th Sat - Spooky Action Palace, 1106 Art Hill Pl., St. Louis MO - BxC, Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Joseph Raglani, Ghost Ice

Mar 1 Thurs - Mecca, Lexington KY, MV+EE, BxC, James Jackson Toth, Caboladies

Mar 9 Fri - Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn NY - Okkyung Lee + C.S.Yeh Duo, Black Quarter (Maya Miller of Double Leopards/Religious Knives), Nate Wooley, Violent Raid (MV Carbon)

Mar 10 Sat - Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Manhattan NY - New Humans + CSY as part of New Humans' "Disassociate" exhibit

Mar 16th + 17th Fri/Sat - BxC @ SXSW, Austin TX
Mar 16th Fri - Mohawk, w/ Thurston Moore Instrumental (Ecstatic Peace showcase) - 8 PM
Mar 16th Fri - Spiro's, 611 Red River St., No Quarter/Holy Mountain showcase w/ Burning Star Core, Wooden Shjips, The Psychic Paramount, Blues Control and Sui Shou No Fune - 9 PM
Mar 17th Sat - Friend Island Gallery w/ BxC (Thrill Jockey/Fina Music Party) - 1 PM
Mar 17th Sat - The Scoot Inn w/ BxC (All Day All Night Ovrcast Party) - 5 PM
Mar 17th Sat - Load Records showcase w/ Thurston Moore/Nancy Garcia/Pete Nolan

Mar 23 - 31 - BxC (solo) + Carlos Giffoni + Prurient "Paradise Lost Forever" Northeast/Canada/Midwest tour

March 23 New York at Tonic
Thurston Moore, Eagles of Hair Metal

March 24 Baltimore, at the Bank (2013 Frederick Av) 9PM
with: Spore

March 25 Boston at PA's Lounge
With Keith Fullerton Whitman, Heathen Shame

with:Lunch with Beardo

March 27 Montreal, at La Sala Rossa
with:Hototogisu,Dream Catcher, Ste.Sophie

March 29 Toronto
with:Gastric Female Reflex, Knurl

March 30 Detroit TBA Prurient/BxC/Giffoni collab w/ Lightning Bolt

March 31 Chicago, at The Flowershop(in Pilsen)
with Bloodyminded

April 1st Columbus,Ohio at Skylab
with:Lambsbread,Leslie Keffer

April 19th, Thurs - Skull Lab, Cincinnati OH - Z'EV, C.S. Yeh, others TBA

April 22nd, Sun - Southgate House, Newport KY - Lightning Bolt, White Mice, BxC
18+, 9 PM

CMN Free Noise tour in UK, w/ Evan Parker, John Wiese, John Edwards, C. Spencer Yeh, Culver, Yellow Swans, Metalux, Paul Hession

Sun 29 April
(Triptych Festival)

Mon 30 April

Tue 1 May
GATESHEAD The Sage Gateshead

Wed 2 May
LEEDS Wardrobe

Thu 3 May
BRISTOL Arnolfini

Sat 5 May

May 11 - 12 - BxC (trio lineup) in Germany

Friday May 11th
Klangtransfer Festival
Cologne, Germany
@ Kulturbunkur Muelheim
w/ Michael Prime, Erhard Hirt, Minit, DJ Frank Dommert
for more info:

Saturday May 12th
Between Two Deaths festival (to accompany the exhibition)
Karlsruhe, Germany
@ ZKM Center for Art and Media
w/ Pluramon ft. Julee Cruise, Thomas Brinkmann, Hecker & Haswell,
Carbonid Solo, Von Spar
for more info:

May 20th - BxC+Zaimph collaboration at No Fun Fest 2007

Sun Jun 10th - Skull Lab, Cinci OH - Larry Marotta/Ryan Jewell/C.S. Yeh Trio w/ WRACK, others

Thurs Jun 14th - SONAR festival, Barcelona Spain, @ SONARComplex- Capsule/No-Fi presents BxC w/ Black Galaxy, Jazzfinger

Fri Jun 15th - ZDB Gallery, Lisbon Portugal, BxC w/ Sei Miguel Quartet

07/17/2007 06:30 PM - Walnut Hills Library w/ CSY + Tim Schwallie
2533 Kemper Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
Part of the "Ambient Multimedia Electronics" series ages 13 and up

08/08/2007 09:00 PM - Gypsy Hut "Art Damage Soundtrack Night" w/ CSY, Walter Carson, P.anda, Best Pedestrian
Cincinnati, Ohio
Art Damage ongoing series of "live soundtracks" to projected video; CSY is on board to provide sound for Franz Zwatjes's "Visual Training" (1969) Other details TBA

John Wiese & C. Spencer Yeh
w/ Damion Romero, Peter Kolovos, Robedoor
The Canadian Building
Loft 6
432 S Main Street #6
Los Angeles, CA 90013
all ages, 9 PM

08/25/2007 08:00 PM - Fractal Mindhut, w/ Wiese+Yeh, Gowns, Crystal Village, DJ Gerritt
671 24th St. Apt B
Oakland, California 94612
presented by Club Sandwich at Totally Intense Fractal Mindhut
all ages, 8 PM

C. Spencer Yeh, John Wiese (solo sets)
Amoeba Berkeley instore
Berkeley, CA
free, all ages, 4 PM

08/26/2007 08:00 PM - The Compound w/ Wiese+Yeh, Deathroes, Slow Children
1070 Van Dyke
San Francisco, California 94124
$6, all ages
7 PM doors 8 PM sharp show start! presented by Glass Hand

08/31/2007 08:00 PM - Issue Project Room w/ Paul Flaherty+CS Yeh Duo, Three Legged Race
Brooklyn, New York
Description:Paul Flaherty/C. Spencer Yeh Duo, solo sets by both, Three Legged Race

09/01/2007 - Cake Shop w/ Major Stars, Religious Knives, Burning Star Core, Paul Flaherty+Bill Nace duo
152 Ludlow
Manhattan, New York 10002
8 PM, $7, 21+

09/02/2007 - Paul Flaherty+CS Yeh Duo, others TBA
Nom D'Artiste
25 Edinboro St. 5th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts
more details TBA

09/15/2007 - Contemporary Arts Center, Kaplan Hall
44 E. 6th St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
$7 / $5 members, 8 PM, all ages
Blues Quartet performance w/ Joao Paulo Feliciano Rafael Toral Lee Ranaldo Trevor Tremaine
w/ guest vocalist CS Yeh

09/16/2007 - OM, Daniel Higgs, Burning Star Core, Warmer Milks
Southgate House
24 E. 3rd St., Newport, Kentucky 41071
8:30 doors / 9 PM show, 18+ $8 advance / $10 day of

09/22/2007 - Nautical Almanac, Wasteland Jazz Organs (Wasteland Jazz Unit + The Organs), Sonitus Intortus, The Young Freebooters
Skull Lab, Cincinnati OH

09/28/2007 08:00 PM - The Kitchen, w/ Atsuhiro Ito + CSY duo, more
512 West 19th St.
New York, New York 10011
Description:SOME CATS FROM JAPAN: Kanta Horio, Atsuhiro Ito, and Fuyuki Yamakawa with special guests Ikue Mori and C. Spencer Yeh Thursday, September 27 8pm Friday, September 28 8pm Tickets $10 Curated by Aki Onda
more info: http://www.thekitchen.org/k04_calendar.html#cats

10/11/2007 - Art Damage Lodge, 4120 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati OH
Yellow Swans, Mouthus, C. Spencer Yeh, Sick Hour


October, 19 2007 at Silent Barn
Excepter, Yellow Swans, Mouthus, Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni
915 Wyckoff Ave, Ridgewood, New York
Cost : ??
L-Halsey or M-Myrtle/Wyckoff All ages

October, 20 2007 at Nom D'Artiste
Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, TBA (Jay Sullivan ?)
25 Edinboro St. 5th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts
Cost : ?, 9:30 PM

October, 21 2007 at Vox Populi
Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, Newton + Antler Piss
319 N. 11th Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost : 8
Ars Nova Workshop presents

October, 22 2007 at Velvet Lounge
Damo Suzuki + Kohoutek, Giffoni+Wiese+Yeh, Kaleidescope
915 U St. NW, Washington DC, Washington DC 20001
Cost : ??

October, 23 2007 at Gallery 5
Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, ConstantMauk, Caustic Castle
200 W. Marshall St., Richmond, Virginia 23220
Cost : 5
presented by 804 Noise

October, 24 2007 at Eyedrum
Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, Richard Devine, Tree Creature
290 MLK Jr. Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30312
Cost : 8
presented by Blossoming Noise

October, 25 2007 at Ruby Green
Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, Leslie Keffer, Pax Titania, Mr. Natural,
Unicorn Hard-On
514 5th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Cost : ??

October, 26 2007 at Pilot Light
Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni
106 E. Jackson St., Knoxville, Tennessee 37915
Cost : 6

October, 27 2007 at The Void Skate Shop
Wiese+Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, Three Legged Race, Pax Titania
518 E. High St., Lexington, 40502
Cost : 3
WRFL 88.1 FM presents Wiese + Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, Three Legged Race,
others TBA at The Void Skate Shop 518 E. High St. Lexington, KY 8 PM,
all ages, $3

November, 1 2007 at The Gypsy Hut
Wiese+Yeh, Nebulagirl, French Crips
video by Art Damage video system
4231 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, 45223
Cost : free, 9 PM

November, 2 2007 at Ronny's Bar
The New Flesh, Pink Reason, Psychedelic Horseshit, Wiese+Yeh, Mark Solotroff
2101 N California Ave., Chicago, Illinois
Cost : ?
21+, 9 PM www.mpshows.com

November 3 2007 Ypsilanti MI at Raven Pit
Wiese+Yeh, Mike Shiflet + Ryan Jewell, Aaron Dilloway, Tovah Strain, KVLTS, New Pledgemaster
304 Jarvis
Ypsi, MI

11/08/2007 09:00 PM - Art Damage Lodge - Kouhoutek (+ Yeh), Schwallie/Ison/Cheek, Wasteland Jazz Unit + Yeh, Young Freebooters
4120 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

Wed, Nov. 14th
The Gypsy Hut - CSY + Paul Coors DJ
4231 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
? PM, Free

Wednesday, November 21st
Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers France
C. Spencer Yeh collaboration w/ Amy Granat and Jutta Koether, in conjuction with Granat's "Wonderwheats" exhibition

Friday, November 30th
Ohio Experimental Music Festival night 1
Cafe Bourbon St., Columbus OH
Shane Mackenzie + C. Spencer Yeh Duo

Saturday, December 1st
Ohio Experimental Music Festival night 2
Skylab, Columbus OH
Wasteland Jazz Organs

Wed, Dec. 12th
The Gypsy Hut - CSY + Paul Coors DJ
4231 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
10 PM, Free

Wednesday, December 19th
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
'littoral' event w/ Kenneth Goldsmith + Alan Licht, C. Spencer Yeh
$10, 8 PM, all ages

Thursday, December 20th
East Village Radio 2 - 4 PM, playing unreleased/in progress works, interview, etc.

Thursday, December 20th
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Tony Conrad + C. Spencer Yeh, Emeralds + Carlos Giffoni, Sam Goldberg
$10, 8 PM, all ages


Saturday Jan 12th
1308 Clay Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
"Goodbye Publico Music" w/ Ariel Pink, Telepathe, C. Spencer Yeh, Copy, Geneva Jacuzzi, Matthew Shelton

Monday Feb 4th
Art Damage Lodge
4120 Hamilton Ave. 3rd floor
Cincinnati OH
w/ Six Organs of Admittance, Mick Turner (of the Dirty Three), C. Spencer Yeh, Pete Fosco

The Skaters/Lambsbread/CSY/Axolotl ? midwest minitour

Thursday Feb 7th
57 E. Gay St. 5th Floor
Columbus OH
w/ The Skaters, Axolotl, Lambsbread, C. Spencer Yeh, TBA

Friday Feb 8th
2000 W Fulton 310
Chicago IL 60612
w/ The Skaters, Axolotl, Lambsbread, C. Spencer Yeh, Animal Law, Binges

Saturday Feb 9th
for more info: spookyinfo@gmail.com
w/ The Skaters, Lambsbread, Axolotl, C. Spencer Yeh
10PM // $7 // BYO___

Sunday Feb 10th
Art Damage Lodge
4120 Hamilton Ave. 3rd floor
Cincinnati OH
w/ The Skaters, Lambsbread, Axolotl, C. Spencer Yeh, Wasteland Jazz Unit w/ Pete Fosco, Taiga Remains
9 PM / $5 / all ages

Tues, Dec. 12th
The Gypsy Hut - CSY + Paul Coors DJ
4231 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
10 PM, Free

Friday Feb 15th
The Stone
corner of Ave. C and 2nd St.
New York, New York
10 PM set
Carlos Giffoni + C. Spencer Yeh

Thursday Feb 21st
Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam
Nederland / The Netherlands
Sonic Acts XII / 5 Hour Drone People
w/ Stephen O'Malley, Mika Vainio, CM Von Hausswolff, C. Spencer Yeh, Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen, Joachim Nordwall

Saturday Feb 23rd
Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm New Music / 24 Hour Drone People
w/ Stephen O'Malley, Mika Vainio, CM Von Hausswolff, C. Spencer Yeh, Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen, Joachim Nordwall, Henrik Rylander, Mark Wastell, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Jacob Kirkegaard, Jean-Louis Huhta
Other CSY dates in Oslo, Fredrikstad, etc. TBA

Monday Feb 25th
Sound of MU
Oslo, Norway
C. Spencer Yeh, Astro

Wednesday Feb 27th
Sofienberg kirke
Oslo, Norway
Trio with C Spencer Yeh / Michael Francis Duch / Tony Conrad. Also performing: Daniel Meyer Gr������nvold / Ole-Henrik Moe / Håvard Volden / Kari R������nneklev

Thursday Feb 28th
Fredrikstad, Norway
Bla Grotte
http://www.blaagrotte.no/ for more info

Saturday Mar 1st
Sound of MU
Oslo, Norway
Collabs - two sets
C Spencer Yeh / Eirik Renton / Martin Powell / Per Gisle Galåen
C Spencer Yeh / Jon Wesseltoft / ?

Sun, Mar 9th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
Blues Control, Woods, The Organs, Evolve, No Planes

Sat, Mar 22nd
UAG Gallery, Albany NY
247 Lark St., 7:30 doors
C Spencer Yeh, Bryan Eubanks & Andrew Lafkas, Meg Clixby

Sat, Apr 5th
The Frowny Bear, Lexington KY
208 Forest Park Rd., all ages, donation
Jack Wright/Michael Johnsen, Three Legged Race, C Spencer Yeh

Sat, Apr 19th
International Noise Conference - Cincinnati
Southgate House, 24 E. 3rd St., Newport KY
CSY+Ryan Jewell, w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Embryonic Dawg, Good Cue Sign, Ryan Jewell, Caves, Walter Carson, Tonight Golden Curls, Heart of the Whore, Ohrstreicheln, Bad People, Hearts of Palm, Wasteland Jazz Shiflet, Tim Schwallie, Neato Torpedo, Nina Wright

Sun, Apr 20th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH

Fri, May 2nd
Feralmade, 4573 Hamilton Ave., Cinci OH 7PM
'Milk Money' lit mag release party
readings by writers featured in the mag
k brutal (http://www. myspace. com/kbrutal)
DJ Paul Coors & CS Yeh
$2 donation at the door; free drinkss while it lasts.

Sat, May 10th
Sound Forest/Skanu Mezs Festival, Riga Latvia
Chris Corsano & C. Spencer Yeh Duo, w/ Six Organs of Admittance, Shining, Antoine Chessex, more

Mon, May 12th
Discussion/workshop/performance w/ Antoine Chessex & Chris Corsano
Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of Visual Communication, Riga Latvia

Mon, May 12th
DNK, Amsterdam NL
C. Spencer Yeh, Audrey Chen, Nate Wooley

Wed, May 14th
WORM, Rotterdam NL
C. Spencer Yeh, Audrey Chen, Nate Wooley, Peter Jacquemyn, Eran Sachs

Fri/Sat/Sun May 16th - 18th
Knitting Factory NYC
NO FUN FEST - http://www.nofunfest.com for details
Burning Star Core on Fri night

Fri/Sat May 23 - 24th
Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt Belgium
Open Circuit Festival - Interact
w/ (in various combinations) Evan Parker, Sven-Ake Johansson, John Edwards, Daniel Carter, the Graveyards (Olson/Hall/Buetow), Christine Sehnaoui, Helena Espvall, Paul Flaherty, Chris Corsano, Wally Shoup, C. Spencer Yeh, others TBA

Wed May 28th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
ASTRO (Japan, ex-C.C.C.C.), TV Pow, CSY

Sun Jun 1
VFW Hall, Florence MA
18 Meadow St. / 8 PM / $7
Grey Skull + Thurston Moore, C.S. Yeh, John Wiese, Sickness, Sondulla

Thurs June 19th
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
as part of the Floating Points 2008 festival
Gibby Haynes (replaced by Zeroboy last min), C. Spencer Yeh

Mon June 23rd
Gypsy Hut, Cinci OH
MV & EE, CS Yeh, Th Lonesome Tumblers

Fri July 4th
UFO Factory, Detroit MI
Tovah Olson & The Shut Down Jasons, The Graveyards, The Squid (Aaron Dilloway + C. Spencer Yeh), Hatred, Emeralds, Fragments, Treetops, The Haunting, DJ Ding Dong Twins, grill, dance, 4 PM - midnight, free

Mon July 21st
Contemporary Arts Center, Cinci OH
As part of their 44 series - http://www.contemporaryartscenter.org/44/
C. Spencer Yeh, solo set and trio w/ Jon Lorenz and Ryan Jewell

Fri August 15th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
Art Damage Benefit - Taiga Remains/CSY collaboration, Wasteland Jazz Unit + Bad People, Ohrstreicheln + French Crips, others!

Mon August 25th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
Frode Gjerstad/Paal Nilssen-Love Duo, Jon Lorenz/C.Spencer Yeh/Ryan Jewell Trio
9 PM / $6 / all ages

Tues August 26th
OUTPOSTED Festival, Columbus Dance Theater, Columbus OH
Frode Gjerstad/Paal Nilssen-Love Duo, Jon Lorenz/C.Spencer Yeh/Ryan Jewell Trio, LA Jenkins + Gary Thompson, Grass Hair Duo, Mad as Musk Oxen, Adam Smith + Dave Caggiano
More info: http://columbusunderground.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=16083&sid=59f5e1bcb3284955ab3f7eb8e9eb7f32

Thurs August 28th
Bowery Ballroom, NY NY
as a member of Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, w/ Common Eider King Eider, Prurient, Xiu Xiu

September - tour w/ The New Monuments -- Don Dietrich (Borbetomagus), Ben Hall (Graveyards), C. Spencer Yeh , details as they come --

Thursday, 09.11.08 9pm - Brooklyn, NY, The Glasslands
With Oa, Carlos Giffoni-Okkyung Lee, Nancy Garcia-Biba Bell, DJ Steve Lowenthal

Friday, 09.12.08 9pm - Boston, MA, Nom D'Artiste- Chinatown
With Howie Stelzer, Heathen Shame, Jason Lescaleet/Bhob Rainey

Saturday, 09.13.08 8pm - Montague, MA, Montague Book Mill
With Joe McPhee Paul Flaherty Chris Corsano Trio

Sunday, 09.14.08 8pm - Annandale-on-the-Hudson, NY, Bard College
With Herons, Century Plants

Monday, 09.15.08 9pm - Philadelphia, Pa - Circle of Hope, South Philly Branch
1125 South Broad Street, 2nd Floor
with John Wiese, Kudler/Fraser Duo, Morally Gray

Tuesday, 09.16.08 9pm - Cleveland, Oh
With Emeralds, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Wednesday, 09.17.08 8pm - Oberlin Ohio, Oberlin College
With Chris Riggs- solo

Thursday, 09.18.08 - Brokenresearch Bldg., Detroit, MI.
With Spykes, Uneven Universe

Sat September 20th
Ultra Eczema Festival
Scheldapen, d'herbouvillekaai 36, Antwerp Belgium
Coorz + Yeh (John Olson/CSY), PAK, Raionbashi, Mama Bar + Kommissar Hjuler, George W. Meyers, Pigs in the Ground, Siggy Sigmarsson, Leslie Keffer

Sun Sept 21st
Brussels, BE
Temple of Bon Matin, Olson+Yeh, George W. Meyers, PAK, others

Sat September 27th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
John Wiese, IOVAE, Wasteland Jazz Unit + CSY

Sun September 28th
The Void Skateshop, Lexington KY
John Wiese, S.M.E.L.L., C. Spencer Yeh

Sun October 5th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
Alessandro Bosetti, Corridors (Byron Westbrook), C. Spencer Yeh

Mon October 6th
The Gypsy Hut, Cinci OH
Times New Viking, C. Spencer Yeh

Wed October 8th
The Gypsy Hut, Cinci OH
Paul Coors + C.S. Yeh play records
free, 10 PM

Fri October 10th
Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus OH
Jandek (w/ Ryan Jewell, Derek DiCenzo, CSY)

Sat October 18th
Weston Art Gallery, Cinci OH
PUBLICO show music performance
9 PM
High Places, Burning Star Core, Me or the Moon

Fri November 7th
Glasslands, Brooklyn NY, 10 PM
Carlos Giffoni "Adult Life" CD release party
w/ Thurston Moore + Zeena Parkins, Carlos Giffoni, C.S. Yeh + Greg Kelley, DJ Steve Lowenthal

Sat November 8th
Rehab, 3rd St./Ave B NYC
Swingset Magazine presents:
w/ Dan Melchior, Burning Star Core, Cold Cave

Saturday, December 6th
NADA Art Fair
The Ice Palace
1400 North Miami Avenue
(corner of North Miami Avenue and NW 14th Street)
Miami, FL 33136
free to the general public


performances 4 PM - 7 PM

Burning Star Core
Jad Fair & John Sluggett

Fri. Dec. 12th
Now That's Class, Cleveland OH
Burning Star Core, Mark McGuire, Fragments

Sat. Dec. 13th
Dynamo Sound Collective presents Winter Void Fest
Modern Formations, Pittsburgh PA
Burning Star Core, Sword Heaven, Aaron Dilloway, Tusco Terror, Mike
Tamburo, Tusk Lord, more


Fri. Jan 9th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
White/Light, Hearts of Palm, CSY

Fri. Jan 30th
Paris London West Nile, Brooklyn NY
Dead Machines + C.S. Yeh, Anthony Saunders, Jamesamoeba, Infinity Window

Sat. Jan 31st
Marc Jancou Contemporary, NY NY
Justin Lieberman + C. Spencer Yeh performance
"Object Lessons" record release + opening of "The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House"
8:30 PM sharp! free to the public

Sun. Feb 1st
Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Thurston Moore + Mats Gustafsson, John Olson/Okkyung Lee/CS Yeh Trio, Sunburned Hand of the Gene, Tovah D-Day

Fri - Sun. Feb 6-8th
Big Ears Festival, Knoxville TN
Burning Star Core -- Friday, more details soon
Afterparty quartet

Fri Feb 13th
The Crystal Castle, 28 Central Avenue, Athens OH
Friday the 13th Noise Massacre
CSY solo, Kid Panda Hands, Donner Party Dinner Party, Bobb Hatt Attack, Nyodene D, Interstates, Crippling Voyager, Mat Emmons, programs., more

Sat Feb 14th
Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus OH
Warhol exhibit closing party
Times New Viking (as the Velvet Underground) w/ Mike Rep + CSY, Psychedelic Horseshit

Thurs. Feb 19th
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Michael Johnsen, C. Spencer Yeh - solos and duos

Fri. Feb 20th
STALAG at Fortune Cookie Cabaret, NY NY
C. Spencer Yeh, Immanent Voiceless, Erik Madigan Heck, Dusty's Truck, Aaron Campbell, DJ Angie Bucknell

Wed. Feb 25th
The Bunk, Cinci OH
426 Findlay Ave. (Entrance on John St.)
Evidence, C. Spencer Yeh, IOVAE

Fri. Mar 13th
The Smell, Los Angeles CA
Statik Aktion presents: Burning Star Core, Workbench, John Wiese, Damion Romero, Chen Santa Maria, Ezra Buchla

Sat. Mar 14th
The Smell, Los Angeles CA
Statik Aktion presents: Smegma (w/ Wiese and Yeh), Aaron Dilloway, Joe & Joe, Pigs In The Ground, Pod Blotz, Allen Pyle

April 2nd - 12th
Burning Star Core + Wasteland Jazz Unit midwest tour
Thurs. April 2nd - Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati OH w/ Caboladies+Taiga Remains
Fri. April 3rd - UFO Factory, Detroit MI w/ Metal Dungeon, Graveyards
Sat. April 4th - Now That's Class, Cleveland OH w/ Robert Turman, Bbob Drake / JGuy Laughlin Duo
Sun. April 5th - Skylab, Columbus OH w/ Eagle Nebula, Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan
Mon. April 6th - Woodchuck's, Toledo OH w/ Darger
Tues. April 7th - Cactus Club, Milwaukee WI, w/ Peter J. Woods, Jon Mueller
Wed. April 8th - Big V's, St. Paul, MN, w/ Paul Metzger, Visions of Christ
Thurs. April 9th - C. Spencer Yeh/Paul Metzger/Michael Yonkers/tbd, Treehouse Records, Minneapolis MN, 11 AM, free
Thurs. April 9th - Basement of 204 north gilbert, Iowa City IA w/ LWA, Abelar Scout
Fri. April 10th - The Mopery, Chicago IL, w/ Tiger Hatchery, Shiny Around The Edges, Anthony Levin-Decanini
Sat. April 11th - Apop, St. Louis MO w/ Joe Raglani
Sun. April 12th - The Fact House, Lexington KY w/ Street Gnar

Mon. April 13th
Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati OH
Black Pus, Jazzfuck, C. Spencer Yeh/Shane Mackenzie

Wed. April 15th
Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati OH
Wally Shoup & Ben Hall w/ C. Spencer Yeh, Chris Riggs, Rattling Cloud

Sat. April 25th
The Studio at Webster Hall, NY NY
Tony Conrad/Keiji Haino Duo, C. Spencer Yeh

Rafael Toral/Trevor Tremaine/C. Spencer Yeh Trio
Tues. May 12th - Land of Tomorrow, 527 E. Third St, Lexington KY w/ OffOnOff (Paal Nilssen-Love, Terrie Ex, Massimo Pupillo)
Wed. May 13th - Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati OH w/ Three Legged Race
Thurs. May 14th - OSU Urban Arts, Columbus OH, 7 PM

Fri. - Sun. May 15th-17th
No Fun Fest, Brooklyn NY
at Music Hall of Williamsburg
w/ Rafael Toral/Trevor Tremaine/C. Spencer Yeh

also: http://www.newmuseum.org/events/334 at the New Museum 3PM Saturday

Sat. May 23rd
LAMPO, Chicago IL
C. Spencer Yeh + Michael Johnsen

Sat. May 30th
Printed Matter, New York NY
"Hungry for Death" Destroy All Monsters exhibition, 5:00 - 7:00 PM
Opening Reception, with a performance by C. Spencer Yeh

Thurs. June 11th
The Stone, NYC
White Out + C. Spencer Yeh
10 PM http://www.thestonenyc.com

Fri. June 12th
Casa Del Popolo, Montreal QC
Sick Llama, C. Spencer Yeh, Hive Mind

Fri. June 19th
Fortune Cookie Lounge, New York NY
James Blackshaw, Okkyung Lee + C. Spencer Yeh, Greg Davis + Chris Weisman

Fri. June 26th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
Jon Mueller (performing "Physical Changes" w/ Jim Schoenecker, David Bailey, and C.S. Yeh), Mike Shiflet, Teeth Collection

Sat. July 10th
WHARTSCAPE Festival, Baltimore MD
Load of Fun, night show
more info: http://www.whamcity.com/

Fri. July 17th
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
As part of the Floating Points 2009 festival
C. Spencer Yeh, John Wiese

Fri. Aug 28th
Bruar Falls, Brooklyn NY
8pm door, $7, 21+

Sat. Sept 5th
Union Pool, Brooklyn NY
Afternoon 3 PM other info TBA
Ryan Sawyer/C. Spencer Yeh/Nate Wooley Trio

Sun. Sept 6th
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Ryan Sawyer/C. Spencer Yeh/Nate Wooley Trio

Fri. Sept 11th
Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
Empty Bottle & The Wire Magazine "Adventures in Modern Music" festival
Yacht, Menace Ruine, Burning Star Core, Ju Suk Reete Meate & Oblivia

Sept 18-20th
Fylkingen, Stockholm Sweden
No Fun Fest Sweden
http://www.nofunfest.com/2009sweden.html for more info

Oct 9-11th
WRFL Boomslang Fest, Lexington KY
Burning Star Core, a ton of other bands

Saturday Oct. 17th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
Indian Jewelry, Sword Heaven, Death Beam

Monday Oct. 19th
Art Damage Lodge, Cinci OH
Phantom Limb w/ CSY, Pete Fosco, Triangle

Saturday Oct. 24th
DISPATCH and PlanB (Tokyo) presents
Ryuichi Daijo, C. Spencer Yeh, Mika Tajima
59 Canal St. 2nd Floor, NY NY
7 PM, $5 suggested donation

Saturday 31. October
Biegungen @ Ausland, Berlin Germany
EARLY START: Doors open 18:00, Concert STARTS 19 Uhr. 5. - EURO.

Robbie Avenaim (AUS) solo drums
David Watson (USA) solo bagpipes
Trio: Rhodri Davies (UK), harp /
Helena Gough (UK), laptop
Andrea Neumann (DE), inside piano
C.Spencer Yeh (USA) solo violin
also screening videos

Sunday November 1. 2009
Rosenthaler Strasse 13 10119 Berlin-Mitte
Concert starts at 9. Tickets 10/8 €
Pre-booking recommended 030 28386835
CLARE COOPER (Australia), pedal harp & bells
CHRIS ABRAHAMS (Australia), piano
ROBBIE AVENAIM (Australia), percussion
CHRISTOF KURZMANN (Austria), lloopp
WERNER DAFELDECKER (Austria), double bass
CLAYTON THOMAS (Australia), double bass
TOBIAS DELIUS (Netherlands), clarinet & tenor saxophone
C SPENCER YEH (USA), violin and voice
JEAN PHILLIP GROSS (France), electronics
ANAT COHAVI (Israel), bass clarinet
MICHAEL ZERANG (USA), bells and percussion

Monday, Nov 2nd - Metelkova – Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana Slovenia - NEVERS (Clare Cooper + JP Gross), CSY

Tuesday, Nov 3rd - Miss Hecker Alte Shoenhauser Strasse, Berlin Germany - Axel Doerner + Jean-Phillipe Gross, Clare Cooper + C. Spencer Yeh, 8 PM

Wednesday, Nov 4th - Cave 12, Geneva Switzerland - NEVERS, CSY

Friday, Nov 6th - Galerie der Künste Berlin, CSY, Sudden Infant, Rashad Becker, Jean-Philippe Gross

Thursday, Dec 3rd - Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati OH
Talk Normal, White Walls, CSY

Monday, Dec 7th - International House Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA
Ars Nova presents:
Nate Wooley + CSY + Chris Corsano Trio, Dave Rempis + Frank Rosaly Duo

Tuesday, Dec 8th - Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Nate Wooley + CSY + Chris Corsano Trio